Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cafeteria And The Noise ~Video~

The assignment was to take a problem in the high school and form it into a 3 minute video, The result came out quite well. Many of my friends appear in the video, and I tried really hard to take myself out of the mixture. It has become an instant classic on facebook (not really, but people really like it)

The Random Four ~Video~

As part of a free project, I created 4 different skits and assembled them together (using a lot of tape and glue) The second one, my teacher loved so much she got it into the Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum. It was the only form of art From my high school, Medomak Valley High School, and it was the only as well as the first video that ever was on exhibition for the Youth Art Month. It took all of one day to film and all of one day to edit.

Going Crazy ~Video~

One of the first longer movies, All me, but not all of me, it took forever to get it just right. But the end product came out really well, (sorry about the bad acting)

A Movie Trailer ~Video~

Self explanatory, a minute long, except for credits. While I don't Star in the film I do voice the monster (without any special effects) and did edit all of it. And Yes, I'm going to Panama, and yes that was real snow on the ground, and during winter we get snow storms, and it can become very very cold.

Activism a Public Service Announcement ~Video~

A video concerning the problems that face the planet, and the call for action concerning them and you. Find something you want to stop and make a stand! The assignment was supposed to be a persuasive PSA with facts being a perfect minute, but it's longer because of credits, (I look really bad because it was the very morning and failed to realize my hair looked like that)

A 911 Emergency -Remix- ~Video~

One of the first Videos that I created at home for my Video Production class. It started as an actual story, but i changed it around, added a loop of music and remixed it, and the result was really interesting, everyone loved it (so far)

All about Avery ~Video~

Avery Faulkingham is my Nephew, Born August 18th 2008 (8/18/08 a awesome day to be born for a numerical consistency) He is only a year old in this video, which explains what he basically is... It was really a video for my sister who really wanted me to make a video, so later in life we could point and laugh at him about being 1 year old(jk). This video was mostly made for kicks, and I had a lot of fun making it.