Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming Soon

Allrighty, so no internet is a drag, but in the beginning of september... i think my host family is getting it... so videos and stories then.... but for now CHOW.... they use that here.... a lot....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 1 & 2 + Problems

Wrap up….. So there is an empty space of time, but a lot has been happening, and of course I have no internet where I am living, so I have to go to one of the 6 or 7 internet places that are less than 5 minutes away… But yeah, From the Top….
3:00 on Thursday I got up.. after sleeping for like 20 minutes, because I had procrastinated enough to the point where I had less than a day left. But I ended up packing everything I needed (when I was packing) So I got up, took a shower, put my stuff in the car, and my dad drove us to The Bangor Airport. Which was only an hour and a half away. We got there and I am soo glad I had my Passport, I really have no other form of ID, but they asked for it, and then I paid $25 for my bag, I went up to the second area. Where the TSA was searching through everyone… I had my camera in my pocket, my wallet in another, I had to take my laptop out and I had to take my shoes off. I thought for sure my pants would set off the alarm… but they didn’t, which was a relief… though I was wearing shorts under my pants to meet the weight requirements of my bag… But I passed through, and went to a waiting room and waited for a while… sad enough I didn’t even get to hug my parents, sister and grandmother as I rushed off… just to end up sitting for a half hour… L but they know I love them, and I know they love me. But I waited, with free Wifi! love that…  The weather came on and was like, “If you are flying out of Philadelphia expect a half hour delay… everyone around me groaned.
The called the zones and eventually I got up and stood in line, they took my ticket, and I entered the plane, the hallway there made me feel like a birthing canal, just going the wrong way… compact and odd (keep in mind this is my first flight) So I sat in the seat, for a good 20 minutes that dragged on and on… I felt like the plane would turn around and immediately be in the air. But we went around the airways, and amazingly enough we went faster and faster until finally we were off, and then I felt the gravity push back, and for the next half hour we turned and fought gravity and went higher. The belt light turned off for like 5 minutes, then we went down, and ended up landing in like 30 minutes. I went to the right terminal and waited for a while.. I sat next to a girl who was maybe 13 reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a movie that had been playing in the theaters and I thought that it was some how Ironic. But the zones were eventually called… and we boarded the plane, perfectly on time.
We began backing up and the air people (stewards and stewardesses) were doing the safety dance. But not much has changed… But we stopped and waited… for like 10 minutes… no one really thinks anything of it but… the plane isn’t moving!!!  The pilots voice come on, “There is a button that needs to be green that is red… we are going to see if we can fix it then be on our way” 20 minutes pass, “We are going to need to dock, it is a problem with the filters and it needs to be fixed for everyone’s safety.” We docked and waited next to the platform we had got onto this flight with. but we got off and waited for 2 ENDLESS HOURS. Which was really horrible… but everyone shared the same mentality… eventually we got back on… and flew to Miami, it was B-E-A-UTIFUL, getting my bag to 30 minutes… But once I got outside, the humidity was killer. Not to mention the shuttle to Embassy Suites was no where to be found. (no idea what it looked like) I walked aimlessly for an hour until one when racing by me… I waved fanatically… he saw me…. yes! I got on and just watched Miami pass me by with all the Palm Trees and skyscapers. Until we finally got to the Hotel… I walked in, and there was a giant group of AFS kids in yellow shirts there… I walk up to the greeter lady (Michelle) Who asked for my Passport, Proof of Travel and Apostille. BUT OMG MIMI was there, and she gave me the biggest embracing hug ever… She was going to leave that night…
We had the orientation, which was similar to the one a few weeks ago and we ate and we talked… a lot. But that morning, the 9 (2 were for the University Program) to Panamá would take flight and be closer to their new homes. And everything went well. (I made a video for that Day)
We got to the hotel and met everyone, worked on our visas, ate, talked for a few days, I wanted to get out of that hotel… not that it was a bad hotel… I just wanted to see less of it, and more of the city. We stayed there for a few days,, there ended up being like 40 Germans!!! and everyone there, from Holland, Germany, Austria, everyone spoke English, some with heavy accents, but all had experience learning a second, if not third language… and had a talent show (here is what we did)
The next day, we got up and in our respectable groups we left for each of our cities, 2 other Americans are going to Penonomé with me, and 3 others, who speak German, but there English is really good. But we went on a bus for possibly an hour and a half. Overall it was kind of boring, but we fit so many people on that tiny bus… Which was just surprising to me..  
But we got to Penonomé and we all felt like orphans who were all being adopted. There were a bunch of Beinvenido signs, which was really nice… I like that. 
I went to there house, and it was something beautiful… there are plants in the courtyard and plants, in the ground in the living room. There is electricity and running water. But no internet and the water is cold, (which isn’t always a bad thing) But here are some pictures…
I am going to try to make some more videos… I just have very little time…  I need to show everyone what Penonomé looks like!!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So there has not really been a single instant where I can stand and Vlog, it would be either really short, or just a droning blah blah blah.... So I am just going to write  it, starting from the last day I posted...
Well for 1, My host father called. It not only solidified my wanting to go, but made me excited, without making me nervous, which everything else does. But he called and asked if I was coming, (he had a very strong accent) I was like yup, and the we discussed when I would come, and he believes that he will come and get me on Saturday (this Saturday, OMG) but I fly (first time) to Miami on Thursday, and then Panama comes on Friday. So he figured I must spend the night at a meeting, like with Miami. I was unaware of this, but after asking my advisor, I figured this was what was going to happen. 
As for the visa, I finally got myself (and my parents) to get the Apostille, An Apostille as I have to tell everyone each time I bring it up, is a legal document that once Apostillized, is legal in every country. The document was a parental consent form, so I now have parental consent in every country!!! But the real fun of it was that once I got it notarized, I went directly to the Postal Office, because it needed to go to Augusta, ME, to be signed and stamped by the secretary of state. But I went, there was a form for the Apostille I had to fill out. I put it in the folder, with the addresses and everything. Guess when I got it.... 2 days later!!!! It was so fast Keep in mind I over-nighted it, which cost a little less that $20, but It is done with. *enter breath of relief here*
What else, what else, ugh. Well, working, fun fun fun! Party for a friend's birthday. Family Reunion. And today I went to a site of one of Maine's few unique exports, blueberries!!!! (the other ones are potatoes and lobster) But I raked from 7:30 to 1:30, and did sooo bad. But hey, extra $$$ is always welcome.... 
And because one of the boxes was donated during a previous fundraiser, I took a few off the top, (keep in mind this is a huge box, and not the dainty fist full sold at grocery stores world wide) and with those few, I made a milkshake... it was soooo goooood. But very sweet
SO that's it so far, I have a video of where I work, but I need to get approval, so I can come back and work there again. For now, I have 3 days, and I am in Miami.... everything is literally around the corner, and I am freaking out. :( frowny face.   But I am excited.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dinner Party At Mom's House Vlog #6

On the 15th, I went to my mom's house, With my sister, mother and grandmother there... We ate, and had Cheese Cake, my most favorite kind of cake, but I also love Ice Cream Cake, Kitty Litter Cake, and a Mint Pie that my cousin makes for thanksgiving/july 4th. But the party was really fun, and I got a special birthday* present, which you should stay tuned in to see, on the video.

*It was not actually my Birthday

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Problems, Baby Cuteness, and Update....

So for the past week/ weekend, I have had sooooo many problems, first of all, the computer that I have been using was being absolutely ridiculous -NOT in a good way- where it was being slow and picky and very very crashy. Paired up with a video editor that eats away at the bit rate and memory usage like Pacman on illicit drugs, it was a recipe for disaster....sSo I had to reset the entire computer then I had to Reload EVERYTHING back onto it. It works fine now, and then fiddle with the software because it seems to be too powerful for it's own good.... then it stalls and then "needs to close" SO it took a while and I do apologize, this actually happened like a week ago... 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Comment because I don't know if you are reading this, without you commenting and being like, "haha funny" "You should do this....." "HEY that's my Grandma!!!" Things like that, I really don't care, just anything that can ensure that I know you are reading/watching it....

But enjoy.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning Spanish, a Fun WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vlog #4

So in the summer, there really isn't much to do, other than work, study, and a general nothing where you lie around and wait for something to happen. SO being a former uber gamer, (meaning completely hands down the only thing I would do for an entire day) But I really haven't played many lately.... Until I realized some of them worked in Spanish (Panama's official language)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So I am just writing this to write, right now, It is the middle of the night, and only vampires and nocturnals look good at this time of night, hence the lack of face talking to you. I have been looking to Vlogging as a Chore lately. Something that I feel that I need to do tons and tons of planning over, when really it's pick up, press rec, and talk, then edit and upload. It shouldn't be difficult, but I am a Perfectionist.
Well, at least a partial perfectionist. Only sometimes do things actually need to be completely perfect. Which is when it comes to the videos, in editing, they need to be  perfect.... It is an absolute necessity that it needs to be perfectly edited. I mean who wants to watch a video that is just poorly put together? NO ONE that's who... I try to make my videos be without as much fault as I can, so people will actually click the replay button.
 Not watch the first few seconds and go to a completely different video. But I don't even know why I am stressing over it... When the time comes, I will do like 30 videos the day before I leave, there wont be some for like a week, and then there will be 30 again... Then I might come up with 1 a week... but I highly highly doubt it. I don't even know if the family I am staying with has a computer!!!!!!!
I feel like I'm over stressing, but then again, I AM LEAVING FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY FOR 6 MONTHS. Which to me feels like something to stress over. Maybe I am over stressing, but who knows, I am so far into this trip and going and everything that I cannot take a step back and look at how huge this entire experience truly is...  I really hope at the end of this experience that I feel fulfilled and not like,
"oh, it's over, well, okay...." I want to be able to come back to the states, and to my high school and express the fact that I learned so much, that through this I am a greatly changed person, that in doing this, the world is now a greater place. But I don't know, I can't give an honest answer because it hasn't happened, and it is really late right now and I can't really sleep... ugh When I know, I will write it, or express it through the Vlogs...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going to the Doctors and getting shot (s) Vlog #3

It was an exciting event, I had to take 3 different Shots, one for Typhoid, one for Hepatitis A, and another for Yellow Fever. While you might think that getting shots from the doctor is one of the more painful things in life, I would honestly rather have a sort of numb/stinging arm for a few days than have Flu like symptoms and puke all the time, which I can proudly said I haven't done ALL THIS YEAR. whooo for no bile! But here is my visit to the doctor, Enjoy...

As everyone in their right mind should know... You get shots when going somewhere exotic. It's a very natural process as they clean your arm, stab it with a needle and put a controlled version of some kind of life threatening disease inside of you.
The best part is that even though this is preventive or a prophylactic, From As an adjective, Medical. Of or noting a drug, vaccine, etc., for preventing disease; prophylactic. As a Noun, Medical. A prophylactic medicine or measure. A Preventive.
To prevent something, is to
And Insurance companies DO NOT cover them. So if you get let's say Yellow Fever, you are covered!!!! You might die, but you are covered! Even though that costs about 10 times as much as a single PREVENTATIVE Needle costs.
They pay that giant Hospital Bill, when you are sick, but not when you are health. The just doesn't seem right to me... I just wanted to point that out, I apologize for getting all wordy on my
But the whole Idea behind this Blog is not to ONLY show you the brilliant, wonderful, Fantastic-ly Magical things that happen before, during and after an Exchange Program. But to show YOU at home a different part of the world that everyone needs to see.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The New Camera, A Sanyo Xacti WH1 A complete un-boxing...

So I finally chose and recieved the HD camera that I am going to take to Panama. It is water proof, and can shoot in 720p (who needs 1080p) But this is going to be something that I hope is magical, I just need a video editor that can handle HD video and all that Jazz, I'm thinking:

CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Deluxe

CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Deluxe box shot
seeing that it has everything I need, and More, Direct upload to YouTube and Facebook, SD to HD up-scaling and Just about as many effects as I truly Need. BUT it doesn't work on Macs. PLUS I don't know what computer the Family that I'm staying with has, or even if they have one!
But here is my New CAMERA!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vlog #0, Intro and where I live

I figured I should introduce everyone to what is happening, and what I am going to do. As well as where I live.

Everything is happening so fast.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vlog #1, Tuition Paid

My walk through, of the last payment for my trip to Panama. I am 1 step closer to the exchange program. I apologize for the horrid quality, i was using my little camera, but for what it's worth, it wasn't that bad...

But I really had to make the entire up as I went along. Hope you danced for 5 minutes, oh course you would get the message to hum if you has no speakers... First Vlog is done. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I'm excited for...

I am so frazzled and anxious and scared and hopeful and excited about this opportunity. I keep feeling like something is going to go wrong, or the opportunity might dissipate. But there are very many things that I feel like I am excited about...

  • New People
  • The Spanish
  • The Experience
  • The Culture
  • Learning New Things
  • The Food
  • The Lifestyle
  • The fact that they use US dollar bills
  • The Plane Ride (at least 24 hours in a bunch of planes yay!)
  • The School I Will Go To
  • The Family I Will Stay With
  • The Differences between the USA and Panamá
  • The Beaches
  • The Foliage
  • Their Forms of Media
Things I will miss
  • My friends and Family
  • The School
  • My Job
  • The New things that will come out when I would leave
  • All that I used to
  • The Music
  • My Nephew
  • The Technology that I am used to

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have this feeling that I am going to be homesick. That I’m going to be left alone in a no where. That I’ll be lost and unable to do anything about it. That instead of actually hearing spanish, it’s a fast, speedy, endless and unable to be heard or understood. Much like this.

Because I know that it wont sound like this...
La Policia Mexicana

Saturday Night Live

I don't think it will be either of these will actually happen. Hopefully I will understand it, eventually, just not as easily as I could possibly think. But I am excited, no matter what anyone including myself says......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music Video, Your Love is My Drug

Yes it's true, I love pop, and songs by Lady Gaga and Ke$ha are my favorites. I admit it. They are the kinds of songs I can play over and over and get pumped up, or relax. They are party songs that don't really mean a lot but the music behind them, if not the voice carries the song. The only part I hate about them is they are so like-able that you listen and ...... then it's over. So to show my "love" ( funny, a pun) to one of my favorites. Here is a cover/music video of Ke$ha's your love is my drug. I worked really hard on it and the editing is definitely top notch.

Here is the original, I honestly don't think it makes that much sense.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dance Party

My friend, with an idea from myself, made a short video using the green screen. It really worked out and looks really good. This is what i want to work on for one of my videos before i leave.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As evidenced by every single post I have posted, I am going to need to film what is going on around me. But every video I have done –except for the first one– has been using the Canon FS11, a beautiful and albeit expensive camera that is beautiful and I love it. But it’s not mine, it is the schools, and taking it would break school code, as well as state and federal laws would be shattered. SO it is out of the question (not that the questioned was even considered)

My First Camera, the one I take pictures with is good for pictures, the frame is small, and blocky, so it doesn’t look HD at any length. It takes good photos, on the right settings, but takes okay, very OKAY videos, but it’s my backup plan for later. I feel that I need a new one, an HD one, one that doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t totally icky. SO I have a decision, What camera do I use?

I could get a flip video camcorder, which fits in my pocket and gives great video, which is HD. It’s small, pocket size, and overall is very convenient with it’s built in USB drive. It works with every single kind of computer (PC or Mac) but when it comes down to it, with everything built in, it is a very helpful thing, not having to install any software what soever. But the camera runs on Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

batteries –FOR TWO HOURS– and rechargeable batteries eventually do die, but they have to repeatedly be charged over and over and over, until they die. Depending on the memory, as there is no expansion slot for an SD card, it is 100% internal. Rounding at about 2 hours of actual recordable time, or 4 hours if a more pricier model is bought. Price $100 to $200.

Then there is the Sanyo Xacti VPC CG10, a pistol gripped camera that does a lot for it’s affordable price of $150. It can record almost 4 hours on it’s highest HD settings with a battery life I am not sure about, but it is removable, so I can have extras. There aren’t many things wrong besides the image stabilizer, possible batterie life, the mic being in a bad place, it’s pictures are really bad, It doesn’t have 1080p as a setting but it does have 720p but not much else.

An upgraded model of that has come into question, the Sanyo Xacti HD1010, which is the same design, but the price is about $350, unless you find a deal, it can actually be more, so... But it has all the same features, except it can be filmed in 1080p and 720p, it also has a slow motion setting, even though it messes with the frame, and I do not believe there is any sound, (good for montages or to have recorded over with sound) but the only things wrong with it are the image stabilizer, the battery and some other things that I wouldn’t know (because I don’t have one).

Then there is an even more upgraded version of it, the Sanyo Xacti HD 2000, again same design, a bit pricer (a good deal can be found at about 350 to 450 dollars) There isn’t much different but they say that filming in low light is really bad, as there isn’t a built in sustainable light, as all the others are missing it as well. But I don’t think it would be that much of a problem, the battery is a little short in the higher functions, but I am rarely going to shoot in the high 1080p because it’s really not too necessary.

There is one more I have been looking at, the Kodak Playsport, another handheld camera that unlike all the rest is water resistant and is actually encouraged to be used at the beach or pool, basically anywhere wet, It can go to about 10 ft. The price is only $150, and it’s much smaller than the Sanyos. But the 1080p is in question as well as the overall performance. It really is pretty good for it’s price.

So there are my choices for this moment, if anyone has any ideas. Comment, because here are the choices, The camera I am bringing for photos, the flip, of the Sanyos, VPC CG10, HD1010, HD2000, and the Kodak Playsport. I honestly cannot make up my mind, and I really want to take one of these. My dad said that if I pay $300 he will pay for the rest. But the major thing I need is a good camera with a good battery, image overall, good memory, and easy to use with a computer. So if you have any ideas COMMENT, I welcome it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Film Noir: Becoming Criminal

For the past month we have had a lovely assignment of doing a 10 minute Film Noir, (a black and white artistic movie using shadows and lighting to convey a point, like in Psycho) The entire process took forever but the ending movie came out brilliantly. So here it is, Becoming Criminal!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My name is Nicholas Young, I am a junior of Medomak Valley High School, Son of Lori Meservey and Don Young. As of right this instant, I live in Warren, Maine, In the United States. I am a very chatty person, I love to learn new things and I am very good with computers, just about everyone likes me. I plan on having a career within the film industry, as I believe I have a knack, as well as a talent for videos. I want to go abroad for the experience, for the thrills and the new people. I have always wanted to extend my Spanish, even though I will have taken a full 3 years of it before I actually leave for Panama.
There are so many this that I expect myself to learn, that I wouldn’t even realize, if not for my life here. I want to see the Pacific Ocean, see the wildlife, like the many monkeys that inhabit the country, experience the new friendships and a life completely different than my own. I can only take steps back to see the gravity this program will have on my future, and how I look at the world.

I have a 3.79/ 4.0 GPA,
Academic Honor Roll, '07, '08, '09, '10
Perfect Attendance, '07, '08 and so far in '09
Employee Of The Month June '09
Student Of The Month February '10
One of the Artists within the Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum of Art '10

The farthest south I have ever been was Virginia and the farthest north has been Bangor, Maine. I want to be able to see the many other people –besides Americans– who inhabit this earth, using my own eyes. I expect an education that a simple classroom couldn’t offer, I expect to return speaking Spanish semi-fluently, while helping those down there with their English. I expect to learn what connects each one of us. I want to learn of the world, and for the world to learn from me. In return, I will be using a blog, not a simple “my bland life” kind of blog. Unlike many other blogs, this one will have actual videos from My life and home and then from Panama, most of them will be of places, people and locations that would interest everyone. But some of the others would be fun videos, maybe a plot, maybe a music video, maybe a few concerning English and Spanish translations. I will add text periodically and producing at least 1 video every 2 weeks (working towards 1 every week). When I come back to the States I will teach my friends, family and fellow classmates about the world, Panama and everything that I gained during those fast 6 months.

As to my need in funding, my father can not work. In 2004, He tore the muscles in his arm from lifting weight he does however receive social security disability. The collective parents do not exist, my mother and father are divorced. Even though they live in separate houses they both have medical bills totaling $7,000. From the divorce and their mortgages they owe $131,500. And from a loan they took out was $70,000, not even including interest. There is very little my parents can actually help financially. I am working on the video camera, I am debating if I should get a new one. Most of the videos in the beginning are shot using one of my school’s cameras, and are of obvious better quality. The editing is also different, for I use iMovie, with a MacBook. I am unsure of which program I will use, but will find it. It takes millions to make movies, and it is only going to take me a few thousand to create an hour of videos. I have used much of my personal finances toward this trip. From the $100 for the passport, $900 for the application fee and $1,500 for the April 1st deadline. I have received all of this money from working at a job since December of 2008. Now I have a remaining tuition balance of $3,100. Then personal expenses rounding in about $1,500 to $2,000. I don’t mean to plead, but I need everyone to help in some form, be it a donation or send this message on to some of their friends. Whatever help I can get is welcome to bring a little Americana to Panama. Other my job, I plan to make a cook book, possible a dinner, with a silent auction, I have lots of things lying around the house that I will sell. Plus I will meet face to face for donations, as well as get my family involved. Whatever I can do to get there, because I do not want this opportunity to slip out of my fingers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cafeteria And The Noise ~Video~

The assignment was to take a problem in the high school and form it into a 3 minute video, The result came out quite well. Many of my friends appear in the video, and I tried really hard to take myself out of the mixture. It has become an instant classic on facebook (not really, but people really like it)

The Random Four ~Video~

As part of a free project, I created 4 different skits and assembled them together (using a lot of tape and glue) The second one, my teacher loved so much she got it into the Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum. It was the only form of art From my high school, Medomak Valley High School, and it was the only as well as the first video that ever was on exhibition for the Youth Art Month. It took all of one day to film and all of one day to edit.

Going Crazy ~Video~

One of the first longer movies, All me, but not all of me, it took forever to get it just right. But the end product came out really well, (sorry about the bad acting)

A Movie Trailer ~Video~

Self explanatory, a minute long, except for credits. While I don't Star in the film I do voice the monster (without any special effects) and did edit all of it. And Yes, I'm going to Panama, and yes that was real snow on the ground, and during winter we get snow storms, and it can become very very cold.

Activism a Public Service Announcement ~Video~

A video concerning the problems that face the planet, and the call for action concerning them and you. Find something you want to stop and make a stand! The assignment was supposed to be a persuasive PSA with facts being a perfect minute, but it's longer because of credits, (I look really bad because it was the very morning and failed to realize my hair looked like that)

A 911 Emergency -Remix- ~Video~

One of the first Videos that I created at home for my Video Production class. It started as an actual story, but i changed it around, added a loop of music and remixed it, and the result was really interesting, everyone loved it (so far)

All about Avery ~Video~

Avery Faulkingham is my Nephew, Born August 18th 2008 (8/18/08 a awesome day to be born for a numerical consistency) He is only a year old in this video, which explains what he basically is... It was really a video for my sister who really wanted me to make a video, so later in life we could point and laugh at him about being 1 year old(jk). This video was mostly made for kicks, and I had a lot of fun making it.