Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As evidenced by every single post I have posted, I am going to need to film what is going on around me. But every video I have done –except for the first one– has been using the Canon FS11, a beautiful and albeit expensive camera that is beautiful and I love it. But it’s not mine, it is the schools, and taking it would break school code, as well as state and federal laws would be shattered. SO it is out of the question (not that the questioned was even considered)

My First Camera, the one I take pictures with is good for pictures, the frame is small, and blocky, so it doesn’t look HD at any length. It takes good photos, on the right settings, but takes okay, very OKAY videos, but it’s my backup plan for later. I feel that I need a new one, an HD one, one that doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t totally icky. SO I have a decision, What camera do I use?

I could get a flip video camcorder, which fits in my pocket and gives great video, which is HD. It’s small, pocket size, and overall is very convenient with it’s built in USB drive. It works with every single kind of computer (PC or Mac) but when it comes down to it, with everything built in, it is a very helpful thing, not having to install any software what soever. But the camera runs on Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

batteries –FOR TWO HOURS– and rechargeable batteries eventually do die, but they have to repeatedly be charged over and over and over, until they die. Depending on the memory, as there is no expansion slot for an SD card, it is 100% internal. Rounding at about 2 hours of actual recordable time, or 4 hours if a more pricier model is bought. Price $100 to $200.

Then there is the Sanyo Xacti VPC CG10, a pistol gripped camera that does a lot for it’s affordable price of $150. It can record almost 4 hours on it’s highest HD settings with a battery life I am not sure about, but it is removable, so I can have extras. There aren’t many things wrong besides the image stabilizer, possible batterie life, the mic being in a bad place, it’s pictures are really bad, It doesn’t have 1080p as a setting but it does have 720p but not much else.

An upgraded model of that has come into question, the Sanyo Xacti HD1010, which is the same design, but the price is about $350, unless you find a deal, it can actually be more, so... But it has all the same features, except it can be filmed in 1080p and 720p, it also has a slow motion setting, even though it messes with the frame, and I do not believe there is any sound, (good for montages or to have recorded over with sound) but the only things wrong with it are the image stabilizer, the battery and some other things that I wouldn’t know (because I don’t have one).

Then there is an even more upgraded version of it, the Sanyo Xacti HD 2000, again same design, a bit pricer (a good deal can be found at about 350 to 450 dollars) There isn’t much different but they say that filming in low light is really bad, as there isn’t a built in sustainable light, as all the others are missing it as well. But I don’t think it would be that much of a problem, the battery is a little short in the higher functions, but I am rarely going to shoot in the high 1080p because it’s really not too necessary.

There is one more I have been looking at, the Kodak Playsport, another handheld camera that unlike all the rest is water resistant and is actually encouraged to be used at the beach or pool, basically anywhere wet, It can go to about 10 ft. The price is only $150, and it’s much smaller than the Sanyos. But the 1080p is in question as well as the overall performance. It really is pretty good for it’s price.

So there are my choices for this moment, if anyone has any ideas. Comment, because here are the choices, The camera I am bringing for photos, the flip, of the Sanyos, VPC CG10, HD1010, HD2000, and the Kodak Playsport. I honestly cannot make up my mind, and I really want to take one of these. My dad said that if I pay $300 he will pay for the rest. But the major thing I need is a good camera with a good battery, image overall, good memory, and easy to use with a computer. So if you have any ideas COMMENT, I welcome it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Film Noir: Becoming Criminal

For the past month we have had a lovely assignment of doing a 10 minute Film Noir, (a black and white artistic movie using shadows and lighting to convey a point, like in Psycho) The entire process took forever but the ending movie came out brilliantly. So here it is, Becoming Criminal!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My name is Nicholas Young, I am a junior of Medomak Valley High School, Son of Lori Meservey and Don Young. As of right this instant, I live in Warren, Maine, In the United States. I am a very chatty person, I love to learn new things and I am very good with computers, just about everyone likes me. I plan on having a career within the film industry, as I believe I have a knack, as well as a talent for videos. I want to go abroad for the experience, for the thrills and the new people. I have always wanted to extend my Spanish, even though I will have taken a full 3 years of it before I actually leave for Panama.
There are so many this that I expect myself to learn, that I wouldn’t even realize, if not for my life here. I want to see the Pacific Ocean, see the wildlife, like the many monkeys that inhabit the country, experience the new friendships and a life completely different than my own. I can only take steps back to see the gravity this program will have on my future, and how I look at the world.

I have a 3.79/ 4.0 GPA,
Academic Honor Roll, '07, '08, '09, '10
Perfect Attendance, '07, '08 and so far in '09
Employee Of The Month June '09
Student Of The Month February '10
One of the Artists within the Youth Art Month at the Portland Museum of Art '10

The farthest south I have ever been was Virginia and the farthest north has been Bangor, Maine. I want to be able to see the many other people –besides Americans– who inhabit this earth, using my own eyes. I expect an education that a simple classroom couldn’t offer, I expect to return speaking Spanish semi-fluently, while helping those down there with their English. I expect to learn what connects each one of us. I want to learn of the world, and for the world to learn from me. In return, I will be using a blog, not a simple “my bland life” kind of blog. Unlike many other blogs, this one will have actual videos from My life and home and then from Panama, most of them will be of places, people and locations that would interest everyone. But some of the others would be fun videos, maybe a plot, maybe a music video, maybe a few concerning English and Spanish translations. I will add text periodically and producing at least 1 video every 2 weeks (working towards 1 every week). When I come back to the States I will teach my friends, family and fellow classmates about the world, Panama and everything that I gained during those fast 6 months.

As to my need in funding, my father can not work. In 2004, He tore the muscles in his arm from lifting weight he does however receive social security disability. The collective parents do not exist, my mother and father are divorced. Even though they live in separate houses they both have medical bills totaling $7,000. From the divorce and their mortgages they owe $131,500. And from a loan they took out was $70,000, not even including interest. There is very little my parents can actually help financially. I am working on the video camera, I am debating if I should get a new one. Most of the videos in the beginning are shot using one of my school’s cameras, and are of obvious better quality. The editing is also different, for I use iMovie, with a MacBook. I am unsure of which program I will use, but will find it. It takes millions to make movies, and it is only going to take me a few thousand to create an hour of videos. I have used much of my personal finances toward this trip. From the $100 for the passport, $900 for the application fee and $1,500 for the April 1st deadline. I have received all of this money from working at a job since December of 2008. Now I have a remaining tuition balance of $3,100. Then personal expenses rounding in about $1,500 to $2,000. I don’t mean to plead, but I need everyone to help in some form, be it a donation or send this message on to some of their friends. Whatever help I can get is welcome to bring a little Americana to Panama. Other my job, I plan to make a cook book, possible a dinner, with a silent auction, I have lots of things lying around the house that I will sell. Plus I will meet face to face for donations, as well as get my family involved. Whatever I can do to get there, because I do not want this opportunity to slip out of my fingers.