Sunday, June 27, 2010

Going to the Doctors and getting shot (s) Vlog #3

It was an exciting event, I had to take 3 different Shots, one for Typhoid, one for Hepatitis A, and another for Yellow Fever. While you might think that getting shots from the doctor is one of the more painful things in life, I would honestly rather have a sort of numb/stinging arm for a few days than have Flu like symptoms and puke all the time, which I can proudly said I haven't done ALL THIS YEAR. whooo for no bile! But here is my visit to the doctor, Enjoy...

As everyone in their right mind should know... You get shots when going somewhere exotic. It's a very natural process as they clean your arm, stab it with a needle and put a controlled version of some kind of life threatening disease inside of you.
The best part is that even though this is preventive or a prophylactic, From As an adjective, Medical. Of or noting a drug, vaccine, etc., for preventing disease; prophylactic. As a Noun, Medical. A prophylactic medicine or measure. A Preventive.
To prevent something, is to
And Insurance companies DO NOT cover them. So if you get let's say Yellow Fever, you are covered!!!! You might die, but you are covered! Even though that costs about 10 times as much as a single PREVENTATIVE Needle costs.
They pay that giant Hospital Bill, when you are sick, but not when you are health. The just doesn't seem right to me... I just wanted to point that out, I apologize for getting all wordy on my
But the whole Idea behind this Blog is not to ONLY show you the brilliant, wonderful, Fantastic-ly Magical things that happen before, during and after an Exchange Program. But to show YOU at home a different part of the world that everyone needs to see.

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